Spider Triad – 1990

Pen, watercolor – 14 x 19

When I drew this tribute to the Yellow Garden Spider in 1990 I could always find one suspended in its large web stretched between stalks of blooming lavender in a patch beside the pond where I live.  It was capturing honey-bees all summer long.  Now in 2018, I can’t remember when last I saw one.  They seem to have been replaced by a Kingbird, who also has a great appetite for honeybees, and who might also have eaten the competition.

And so, although not a house spider, this decorative portrait of the exquisite orb spinner hangs from a wall in my cabin like a curiosity in a curiosity cabinet.  

Yellow Garden Spider, Argiope aurantia, Family AraneidaeOrder Araneae, Class Arachnida

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