Antelope Anima – A Grassland Mask     1990

We are as strong as our desire to nurture one another.

Herd animals, woven with a common fiber, hold together through thick and thin, sparse grass and high, keeping a watchful eye out for one another, nudging the weary or feeble or the newly born along.  Digging as a team when the water hole is dry, blending with the terrain throughout this age-old trek.

Despite our predatory eyes, could we not look aside and so wander into the grasslands without startling these grazing rovers – be like scarecrows-in-reverse with cowbirds resting on our raffia ears?


25”H x 13”W x 7”D

Materials: The crest of the mask is caning from a chair seat.The ears and brow are remnants from a raffia hat.  Fragments of printed silk appear throughout (what could be salvaged after running over a scarf with a lawnmower).  Woven seed beads hang from the chin and jowls.  Interior – black silk velvet.

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