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Soul Plucking – 2002

Watercolor – 13 x 11

This work was one result of journeying in the Southwest, New Mexico in particular.  It is difficult to be out there on such clean, scoured and scorched, austere terrain, a mere speck between earth and sky, and not feel honed down to the stunning questions of where did we come from, why are we here, and where are we going?  The feeling that humans came from the matter beneath my feet did not seem like a stretch of the imagination:  A product of geodynamics:  Molded, cooked and cooled, and then prepared for Human consciousness on the surface by, do I daresay, some alchemical-like process beyond our comprehension.  Then, also beyond our comprehension, pulled forth by Ravens, as midwives delivering us from the womb of the Great Mother.  Ravens do hold sway in the updrafts of the mesas and openness of this land.  And when they aren’t plucking life from the Earth they seem, among other activities, to be observing us, and sending us messages of a higher law than the laws we humans have devised.  And if we could only understand what they are saying, we might be as wise as they are, and perhaps know the answers to the big questions, and truly earn the gift of our own consciousness.

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