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Here & Beyond – 1997

Watercolor, pen, graphite, color pencil  – 12 x 9

A fanciful shrine to the ancient notion (translated from Arabic into Latin into English):  “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.”   Or simply put,  As above, so below.   Or, the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike.  More than ever, it would be good to be convinced that everything in the cosmos is linked to every other thing, that All is One, and One is All, especially if it means humans would stop tearing off chunks for themselves.  Why all these centuries of effort to pull back the veils of illusion – to see beyond our own reality – if not to improve our own behavior?

Personally, I feel if we can’t get beyond the here of ourselves to a respect for other life forms that share this planet with us, what hope do we have to figure into the future of the Cosmos?   That’s why insects figure large in my shrine to the One Thing.  And the architecture of this shrine has aspects which resemble the form of the wasps which are perched upon it.  

A pentagon is included in this mostly bilaterally symmetrical structure because it appears to be an essential part of the hidden symmetry of the living world, one which seems to accommodate infinite evolutionary possibilities.  The mathematical physicist/philosopher, Roger Penrose discovered that two shapes of rhombi derived from the interior angles of the pentagon would form non-periodical tiling, a pattern which was later found on the microscopic level in the real world in the form of quasicrystals.  Coming from me, an artist, this is a huge simplification of a fascinating on-going process of discovery involving the collaboration of many mathematicians and scientists.  And now, many other intrigued people are studying the multi-faceted aspects of these pentagonal diamonds, and have been discovering and delivering new ideas and inspiration to the world as well.

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