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Here They Come – 1993

Graphite, pen, color pencil – 19 x 27

What or who?  Who knows?  And Why? and What for?  — can hardly be asked.

This mixed-media piece of work was done when the mystery of crop circles was a hot news item.  See the thatched circles in the field?  That’s my amateur attempt at replicating a few, like some people were doing in real fields to unravel a possible hoax.  The mystery has yet to be solved.

There’s no sense of scale in this picture.  The crop circles could be the size of sink sponges or as expansive as racetracks.  The meteor-like things in the sky could be no bigger than pennies or the size of Mount Baldie. Those more animated versions of the Easter Island sculptures could be no bigger than hand puppets.  Maybe they are hand puppets — thrust up out of the Earth as though they had some urgent task to perform or message to deliver.  Maybe they are saying, “Here They Come!….like we told you they would!”

Come to think about it, we don’t even know if we’re viewing planet Earth.  This could be some other planet, or a satellite of some planet – not even in our own solar system, or our galaxy.   What does it matter to us anyway? 

The cryptic symbols etched on their bod-ies are indecipherable, sheer gibberish.    I should know.  And the band running along the bottom of the screen like breaking news?  Also gibberishFake news.  But it’s something to watch while falling off to sleep.  However, we should be careful about what we watch or listen to while falling off to sleep; something weird might seep in and etch itself into our brains.

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